Zumba is a medium/high impact choreographed Latin dance fitness class to Latin and World music with popular Latin dance steps such as Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggae-ton, Afro beats, Cha Cha etc., and Pop.

Both Zumba and Zumba Gold are “standing classes”(no mat work) and start out with a warm up and then a cool down to bring the heart rate back to normal.

Zumba Gold

A lower impact variation of Zumba with more streamlined movements and easy to follow choreography utilising some pop music from the 60s and 70s as well as Latin music and dance steps.


High impact choreographed fitness dance class with Dance music from the 80s onwards using both “keep fit” and “Club” dance movements using (optional) Glow sticks. This high energy class will keep a smile on your face, whist you sing along and dance to songs in a club-like atmosphere!

Toning with Weights

A medium/high impact fitness class with popular dance music. This class tones every part of the body utilizing everyday items in the home!  Those items include a kitchen chair (for push ups, dips and leg extensions), a broom (for using as a bar bell) with plastic bags (filled with tins of soup)which are then attached to the broom. Light hand-held weights are also used in this class, but filled plastic water bottles can be used instead.


A 30 minute Middle Eastern Belly dance class which concentrates on both arm and waistline slimming movements with Middle Eastern music and dance steps. This medium/low impact class will help with posture, weight shifting, body movement isolation, and timing. You’ll discover muscles you never knew existed!


A low impact class which incorporates Yoga moves to increase the maximization of body flexibility. A fitness mat and/or exercise band and chair is used to stretch muscles easing joint stiffness. The flowing moves target 6 major muscle groups. Each class starts with a warm up, progresses to one or two targeted muscle groups and is followed by a cool down.

Core Blast

30 minute class which includes standing cardio warm up and toning exercises with the progression to the floor with mat exercises targeting the abdominal area (with some utilising a fitness ball) and concluding with a cool down.

Bums Tums Core

45 minute class which targets the glutes, both upper and lower abdominal muscles and legs. It includes standing cardio warm up and toning exercises with the progression to the floor on an exercise mat. This class utilises light hand-weights for additional toning benefits.


10.15am – 11am = Stretching
11:00am – 11.30am = 30min Core Blast
9am – 9.30am = Zumba
9.30am – 10:00am = Clubbercise 
10am – 10.45am = Toning with Weights
9.00am – 9.45am = Zumba 
9.45am – 10.30am = Bums Tums Core
6.00pm – 6.30pm = Bellycise
10.15am – 11am = Stretching 
11:00am – 11.30am = Zumba Gold
6.30pm – 7pm = Bellycise
7:00pm – 7.45pm = Clubbercise 


If you’d like to know how to attend Eileen’s Zoom Streaming classes please contact her on:


If you haven’t received the ID Number in your email Zoom invitation, and want to attend a class, please text Eileen so she can send you that information on 07813 854 255


Subscription #1 (unlimited Zoom classes) £30.00 per month
Subscription #2 (three Zoom classes per week) £25.00 per month
You’ll need to set up a monthly direct debit. Contact Eileen by phone or email for information about this.
Included in the Subscription are FREE quarterly 2-hour workshops in: Salsa, Cumbia, Reggae-ton, Merengue, and Belly Dance
Classes may be subject to change
Bank details are as follows:
Sort Code – 30-13-64
Acc No. – 10647560


Make sure you all give yourself plenty of time to log on to ZOOM.  It is important that we do adhere to the scheduled time and are all present when the class starts. It is preferable to be there ahead of schedule. Once we begin, we will be unable to admit any late comers.
After you have logged onto the site you will be asked for a password and session number to join our “meeting”, which is our fitness class.  The session number will be numeric and the password either ZUMBA, GOLD or CLUB. At that point you’ll be in a virtual waiting room until invited in. Once inside you’ll be able to speak to Eileen directly via your computer but once class has started you will not be able to communicate with her. You will be able to hear Eileen speak through her microphone as well as hear the music. It is important that any devices such as other computers, phones, TVs, etc. are either turned off or away from where you are exercising.  Any interference from those other devices will cause problems for the class.
It is imperative that you MUTE yourselves during the session. If you can’t mute yourself, Eileen can do it her end.
See you in class!